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New Year, New You   b   Time to detox, lose weight? It's time for Naturopathy, for a New Year New You plan & book your Lymphatic Drainage.
4 Massage Therapists   b   Need a Massage? We have 4 highly skilled Massage Therapists able to get you back to pain-free movement.
Naturopath & Homeopath Now Here   b   Our Naturopath & Homeopath is very spot on with his diagnoses from everything from digestive, sleep, skin, anxiety, depression, fertility, sinus etc.

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Spring 2013

Sugar and Cancer are they linked?  Article / Research by The Source of Wellness. It has been reported that sugar we eat can increase your chance of developing cancer. Is it true?

Pathology Testing now available at The Source of Wellness  Our Naturopaths can now test for cholesterol, Vitamin levels, hair mineral analysis, kidney and liver function etc

Professional Spring Body Detox & Beat Hayfever Season  With Spring it's time to cleanse your intestines, lymphatics, liver. A professional detox will strengthen your internal world.

Like us on Facebook & Twitter! Please :) We have joined social media and would really appreciate your support by liking our page on Facebook and/or Twitter (see icons in header)

Bowen Therapy now available at The Source of Wellness  Bowen uses small maneuvres on the muscle to release / relieve tension and strain in soft tissues especially connective tissue

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